Each class begins with a 2-minute drawing exercise on a blank index card. At the beginning of class, write your name and the date on the back of the card, and await the daily prompt. Draw until the 2-minutes are up without stopping. No stick figures.

This is an activity inspired by Lynda Barry


Each class will have a period of reflective writing. You will be asked to spend somewhere between 1-10 minutes (it varies depending on the schedule) reflecting on a topic or question. Write until the time is up. If you do not know what to write, write the alphabet. Except for the last class, you will not be required to share what you've written with anyone.


Each class will offer an opportunity to get outside and walk, rain or shine. Most days you will walk with a partner and be assigned a conversation topic. Other days you may be asked to walk alone, in your teams, or in a big group. Walks generally last from 10-20 minutes (it varies depending on the schedule).





Each class will feature a group discussion of some length and topic. In the first few weeks, these discussions will center around themes and our readings. Towards the middle/end of the class, these discussions will center around our experiments and the feedback we've received from our participants.

Note Taking

Some classes will require you to take notes with Sharpies on Post-its instead of in your individual notebooks. These notes will be put on the wall and clustered by everyone in class.  



Feedback on all class pitches will be on Post-it notes based on a color scheme. There will be a color for kudos, a color for questions, and a color for concerns. Feedback is recorded immediately and given to the pitching team so that they can incorporate it in whatever they do next.

This is an activity inspired by Cheryl Dahle.