I was formally trained as a graphics designer and after 15 years in design-related professions from graphics design to web design to exhibit design, I am incapable of not being a designer in everything I do. These days I'm most interested in designing experiences — multi-way interactions that require participation in order to be fully realized.  Sometimes this happens in digital space, sometimes in physical space.  Most of the time, I'm attempting to use design in digital space to affect something in physical space. I'm also into using time as an element of design (bounding an experience in time, for example).


I have never been afraid of technology and have played, broken and invented things with it ever since I got my fingers on my first computer (a Radio Shack system that plugged into the television and played tape cassettes). At the same time, much of my everyday habits are quite analog. I draw on paper, write by hand, and use a real alarm clock. Technology is a means, not an end, and I work to keep it in the service of human connection and creation. 


Twyla Tharp


A collaboratively designed deck of activity cards you can use to make space for yourself and others. Developed in partnership with the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History.

An online toolbox for facilitating learning in online environments, created in collaboration with the Museum of Life and Science and Michigan State University.

A NSF-funded project in collaboration with the Museum of Life and Science and the Exploratorium in San Francisco.