To try things* that might not work.

* experiences, conversations, projects 


Be sure you have these things.






a box of Crayola crayons (24 count)

a pen you like to use

a notebook with lines (rule or grid)

a recording device (digital or analog, you choose)

an account on a social network

You matter to this, without you it won't be

Be here, be present, be on time.

Your grade is based largely on engagement. Listen. Contribute. Really try. Experiment balancing nervousness with excitement. The success or failure of your projects does not influence your grade. Your honesty, integrity and investment in this collective experience is what will be graded. Ask more questions than you answer. Reflect as much as you contribute. Work to know your self, your true self, and be it with us. 

A Promise

We are in this together.

For this quarter, we will draw, write, color, talk, walk, notice, and experiment together. I will complete the assignments alongside you, learning with and from you. That’s because I believe learning is a transactive and self-directed experience. If I’m not learning, you’re probably not learning, and I’m doing this because I want both of us to learn about fear and courage and ourselves and each other. 


You will need to exercise tolerance for ambiguity.

I imagine that much of your graduate work has supplied a ready set of expectations and readings and assignments at the beginning of the quarter. This course won’t be that way. I have a compass for the course and methods and ideas on how to get us from day one to day sixty- five, but I don’t know exactly what will happen given that a) I have never done this before; b) even if I had you are different and dynamic enough to change it; and c) I am committed to being flexible and responsive to the learning environment we co-create. 


Still, here is a rough geography.

We will value risk-taking, noticing, conversation, reflection and supporting each other. Each class will attempt to elicit these values in some way. For the first few weeks, we will think deeply about technology, learning, fear and failure. At the midway point, we will shift gears a bit and go into creation mode. We will team up to create projects that might not work. We will share candidly what happens. At the very end, we will each create a failure portfolio to share with the class. There will be a few exceptions to this, but in general:

  • Every class will require you to draw, write, and get outside.

  • You will be given readings/listenings/watchings at the end of class each Wednesday. You will have until Monday to read/listen/watch them (94 hour deadline).

  • You will be given assignments on Monday to be done by Wednesday (46 hour deadline). They will not be unreasonable. (Let me know if they are.)