I draw because sometimes words aren't enough. I've never been classically trained, but I study artists and illustrators like Alison Bechdel, Lynda Barry, and Ivan Brunetti. My favorite style of drawing is to draw as a practice of noticing, as instructed by Frederick Franck in his book "The Zen of Seeing." I also enjoy water coloring. I am always curious to learning about the tools, workspaces and processes that various artists use to draw and share their work.


I write to be understood — first to myself, second to others. I write nearly everyday through a practice called Morning Pages, and I also write for the occasional journal, book, or blog, including my own blog Swimming with Sharks. I am a natural communicator and use speaking, drawing, and writing as tools in my pursuits to see and be seen.


Anne LamottMary Oliver

Ninety-five 1"-sized scenes of The Big Lebowski sketched on a bowling pin.

A quick lesson in how to draw a shark.

A video of what I learned at the Museum of Life and Science after being told to fail.