Experiments in learning with others.


Hosted by the Illinois State Library

Since 2009 I've headed to Springfield Illinois to work with teams of librarians as they use the ILEAD program as a platform for risk-taking and change in their work. I give a presentation, "Becoming an Agent of Change" and then work one-on-one with the teams over the nine month program.

University of Washington

Hosted by UW Museology Program

This Spring, I will be teaching two courses in Seattle. The first "Career and Social Capital" with be taught with department director, Kris Morrissey. The second is open to Museology and iSchool graduate students and is called, "Digital Experiments in Museums and Libraries."


Space Camp

Experiments in making "space" for professionals to be creative, reflect on their practice, and find courage to try something new.

Library Space Camp


Library Space Camp was an idea submitted to the Knight Foundation News Challenge: How might we leverage libraries as a platform to build more knowledgeable communities? , it was one of 42 semi-finalists. 

View the submission.

MuseumCamp 2015

Hosted by Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History in August 2015

MuseumCamp 2015 will be a SPACE-themed professional development experience for creative professionals.

Apply now.



Experimonth is a digital engagement platform that relies on the commitment and forthrightness of its participants to exist. Started as an alternative to New Year's Resolutions, it have evolved into a way for scientists, museums and libraries to engage with the public. There have been dozens of Experimonths conducted since their inception in December of 2008. A few favorites are listed below. 


Hosted by Museum of Life and Science in September 2014

Participants hung posters querying passersby if they felt they belonged. Data was either sent via SMS and or counted by participants on the posters themselves and uploaded to a website.

Additionally, participants filled out a Likert-only Spectrum Survey on identity and anonymously confessed their stories of belonging. An archive of this Experimonth lives here.


Hosted by Museum of Life and Science in June 2012 and February 2014

Participants played a prisoner's dilemma-inspired game everyday for one month. Each morning the game paired a different pair of strangers up and revealed on piece of information about the players. Participants chose to friend or enemy across a randomly assigned and yet unknown number of rounds.  Data generated by the game (over 50,000 data points on decision making around cooperation and competition) was given to the scientist who co-developed it, Wouter van den Bos.



Hosted by Museum of Life and Science in April 2011

Participants received the following text message five times a day, every day for one month, "Rate your mood 1 (low) to 10 (high)." This data was collected and displayed on a blog that visualized it individually for each participant and also in aggregate.

Data generated by the experiment (18,000 mood data points) was given to the scientist who co-developed it, Frances Ulman.


Hosted by Museum of Life and Science in November 2011

Participants committed to a series of race-related activities that occurred across the span of a month (e.g. News Watchdog, Book Club, Photo/Memory Projects, Cultural Plunge, etc.). They discussed these experiences on Facebook in private groups.

Additionally, an implicit association-style game using facial morphing software, "Smart, Hot, Honest, or Not?" generated data for the scientist who co-developed it, April Harris-Britt.



Project FeederWatch: Sketch

Hosted by Museum of Life and Science, Science Museum of Minnesota, and Cornell Lab of Ornithology in November 2012

Participants learned to draw birds and shared their drawings with each other over an eight-week period. 

Drawing on Wisdom

An occasional comic that can be found on my blog, Swimming with Sharks.



These projects currently do not fit in a category, but I loved them, so.

The Smartwool Experiment

A grown-up science experiment to determine why my SmartWool brand socks were developing holes after only a few months wear.

An archive of this experiment is here.

Is the Library Open?

Hosted by Durham County Library Board of Trustees

An open-source, single-serving website that informs Durham County citizens if their local library is open. Try it out.